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A Quality Paver Sealing Job starts with the inspection during the estimate process. We look for Paver Surface damage, drainage issues, the use of improper sand and staining caused by rust, grease or from BBQ grills or Efflorescence. This allows us to custom tailor our process to your specific needs. The following is a list of some of the Paver Sealing Services we offer to produce the best possible result for your Paver Restoration Project!

Chemical Treatment

This application eliminates any organic growth on the surface of the pavers and within the sand joins on contact.

Surface Cleaning

We use the latest technology to thoroughly clean the pavers with water temps up to 290 degrees.

Chemical Stain Removal

Any staining found during the inspection process will be treated at this point.


A course grain kiln dried sand is now applied using a Wet Sanding Technique. This process takes longer but is the best way to assure sand is properly secured and locked into the joints before sealing.

Heavy Coat Application

A heavy application of sealer is applied to the pavers and sand joints locking in place once cured.

Top Coat Application

Additional coats add layers of protection from the sun, rain and organic life.

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