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Paver Stone

What is Paver Stone?

Paver stone or simply known as pavers are one of the most common outdoor building materials. If you have paver stone on your property, knowing how to properly clean and maintain them are essential to ensuring that they last as long as possible. Rather than letting the elements destroy your paver stone, you should contact a professional and have them cleaned and sealed every 1 to 2 years.

Paver Stone Basics

Paver stone is made up of a combination of concrete and a coloring agent of choice. Then, the mixture is poured into block-like formations, resembling bricks, which can then be arranged in a variety of patterns. Paver stones are used to make beautiful mosaics in driveways, and are also popular for outdoor walkways, patios, roads, and other outdoor surfaces.

Sealant: The Best Form of
Paver Stone Maintenance

While some stains on paver stone can be cleaned using rough brushes and detergent, doing so is a major hassle, and does not guarantee that the stains will be removed, and certainly doesn’t prevent the risk of future stains. Instead of relying on an annual cleaning, sealing your paver stone every few years ensures protection from the elements and daily wear.  This increases the life of the paver stones and ultimately saves the property owner thousands. A paver sealant is crucial for anyone who wishes to keep their paver stone in an ideal condition. Sealer is meant to protect pavers from rain, wind, sun, and other naturally occurring and non-organic elements.

Sealing paver stones is a quick process, and one that usually only takes one day depending upon weather. While the process is short, sealing paver stones will protect the pavers for years to come. Additionally, sealing paver stone makes for quick and easy spot cleaning.

The enhanced sheen sealant finish for pavers comes with a 2 year written guarantee. If for any reason the sealant on your paver stone needs attention, we’ll come out to your home and re-seal it one time.

Having Kern Paver Solutions as your Paver Sealing Service of choice, your satisfaction is guaranteed.  That is our commitment to you.

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